Earlier Writings by John Watrous

This is a 20 year old group of answers to a student questionaire--questions have been lost:

1. Art is a matrix from which I sense systems of organization which assist my exploration and discovery in any area. I am captivated by the creative process which I liken to that of a research scientist working away in a laboratory with concepts, tools and materials toward an undefined goal. I am interested in how the final product of this process reflects a courageous, experimental attitude.

2. Learning to observe beyond mere categorization. Trust in the process of discovery without needing to visualize the goal intellectually beforehand.

3. Stimulation through related visual examples, focus with written project parameters, clarification through open discussion and basic research towards accepted goals in studio work time in a one-to-one learning situation with the instructor.

4. One who like adventure without knowing for certain the destination. One who is sensitive to approaches, other than intellectual, to knowledge and appreciation.

5. Attendance, listening and accepting the parameters of the project at hand, (and courage to exceed them) trust and appreciation in her own personal discoveries and a willingness to try new ways of approaching the process of problem solving.

definition of matrix: something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form


About my work--from 1983.

a structure or build up fabric of any kind; a structure consisting of a framework and various fixed or moving parts for doing some kind of work; a device that transmits, or changes the application of energy.
anything fancifully conceived; a mechanical contrivance for some kind of work.
to originate, as by experiment.
anything made of parts put together; structure; building framework.
to make orbuild as a whole, by connecting its parts; to invent and form, to devise falsely, as in to fabricate a lie.
to invent; to contrive,; to form in themind by new combinations of ideas, new applications of principles, or new arrangements of parts.
a maker; one who invents a ficticious story.