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Alien Object

First Day Project

3D Design at SRJC John Watrous

You have chosen to sign up for a class called 3D Design. Therefore, I want to test your observational skills by giving you a ten minute project. You will have a lot of time to complete the project, but only ten minutes for specific observations.

So, let's play a game. You have been chosen to visit an unknown planet and bring back as much information as you can on an unknown object sighted there. It will take a long time getting there and a long time returning, but your life support system can only give you ten minutes of on-planet observation time.

To fully contribute to this challenge two factors are important: careful and detailed description of what you see, and equally important, first impressions and fantasy thoughts as to what it might be you are observing. For the latter impressions, put down your thoughts as if you were talking to a friend who knows you well and who shares some of your life eperiences; don't dumb it down for a general audience! For example, one person suggested that this one object was part of a group. Or what if even getting close to it modified it or activated it?

You cannot touch the object but can get very close to it and I suggest you spend as much of your ten minutes as possible in observation, although jotting down some notes may be in order.

After the ten minutes is completed you have the ride back to earth (or until next class meeting) to present your findings. These can be both words and drawings and don't forget the first impresssions of what it might be.

Student Examples: First day project