John Watrous

old office in Analy Hall

Background and Class Projects


Welcome to, the home of John Watrous.

I taught for 34 years in the art department of Santa Rosa Junior College in California.
Now I spend my time in my shop making stuff.

Some work of mine

813 Flute, for Peter Middleton

Robert Brent's 70th

I have another life as a ham radio guy and that can be found here.

Presentation at Pacificon 2011 in Santa Clara

Balloon Launch on Aug. 8, 2010

All antenna & winder pictures from K6PZB

launcher pictures 30Sep2010

Sculpture Work

de Marchi Homage for Healdsburg Arts

Fault Series #3

Recent work

"Rodgers Creek Fault No. 1 " 2006, earthquake series 18" X 18"

Rogers Creek No.2, 18x18"

Collaboration with Greer:Calabash Rod

Chair projects: Watrous

New Chair Projects

"Nineteen" 2006, milled aluminum and plastic, 12"

Blue Grid Collaboration

Faculty Show SRJC February 2007
"Sacred Darkness" Exhibition, Feb. 2001 SRJC
"All Over the Map" Exhibition At Quicksilver Mine Company Press Democrat Sculpture Story on Michael Cooper & John Watrous

My part of the Light Art talk at SRJC, 15Sep2003
Talk narrative
  • A very old resume

    Older work by John Watrous

    John Watrous, 2008
    I am a visual artist who is influenced by what you can't see.  
    My background has been spent in the non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum; 
    the shorter wavelength areas like radio and sound. 
    The titles of my 2 most recent shows tell something about my interests: 
    "Sacred Darkness" in 2001, forced the viewer to acknowledge Dark Adaptation Time 
    and I designed lighting for the work;  "All Over the Map" in 2003, showed objects made from visiting specific sites.
    At home I like knowing that the North star is about 38 degrees above the horizon 
    and that I'm about 122 degrees West of Greenwich. 
    I also enjoy knowing that about 20 satellites are circling above to help me find my location wherever I am.
    Being a teacher my closest community is with my students. 
    I am also inspired by local engineers, astronomers, craftspeople and other artists.

    Our House Remodel Project
    Turkey Trip
    Greer's garden

    My final evaluation at SRJC

    My retirement party
    My retirement party movie by Greer--over 8MB!
    Greer's party announcement for me--front
    Greer's party announcement for me--back

    John & Greer in July at Davis opening for Greer at John Natsoulas Gallery

    Greer Upton's Site